Monday, February 3, 2020

Como Audio Article By Peter Skiera

Slow Jams Radio (128 kbps/MP3; USA) Slow Jams Radio already has a well-worn spot in “My Favorites” even though I just I uncovered it. It sets a mellow tone just as its name implies. R&B and Soul is the soul (pun intended) of this Internet station. The station’s Creator, whom identifies himself as DJ Musizman, explained in an email to me that his station is one of “a vibe of connection…to keep the listener coming back for touch the listener…to inspire the listener...I started Slow Jams Radio along with Jazz Vibe Radio and All Underground Hip Hop Radio back in 2015 because of the love for the genres and love for 'good music''s a great way to connect with people everywhere...I've always loved music since a child and I wanted to share that love...”. Some of the artists I heard I did not recognize, but others I was very familiar with, like Aretha Franklin, Teddy Pendergrass, Simply Red, Al Green, Keith Sweat, Natalie Cole, Otis Redding, Luther Vandross, and Earth, Wind & Fire. I even heard The Supremes, Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, Prince, and the Bee Gees as part of the rotation. Musizman told me he determines the music he plays based on “what I would listen to and what I consider to be 'good music' that any generation would connect with and listen to...growing up in Detroit, favorite radio DJ was the Electrifying Mojo...and he would play what 'he' liked…not what the radio stations wanted him to play...that made him very popular with the listeners in Detroit...he was different...that's what I strive to be...different...not like everyone else...”. This broad playlist is artfully blended to create an intoxicating cocktail for the ears. Even Musizman’s soft voice, heard briefly when he identifies the station and invites you to sit back and enjoy the sounds, mates perfectly with the music. Musizman streams three other internet stations, including Purple Sounds Radio (a Prince tribute station), but I like Slow Jams Radio the best. This broad playlist is artfully blended to create an intoxicating cocktail for the ears. Unlike most of the other stations on my list, SJR airs adverts, and hearing Sprint and Home Depot commercials sandwiched between two slow jam songs disrupts the vibe Musizman works so hard at creating. But if that is what it takes for the station to exist, then so be it. Thankfully (for us, not for them), the adverts are few and far between. Turn-down the lights, tune Slow Jams Radio on your Como Audio music system, and let it soothe your soul.

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